Empathetic and cost-effective cancer care

For those members who fall ill with cancer, fear and confusion go along with the physical effects of their illness.

Cancer can mean a long road back to recovery, so the challenge families and businesses face is trying to provide the best support while balancing the costs of claims.

Fountain Healthcare Limited care benefit is both innovative and caring in approach, and meant to give the best to our members.

We provide expert empathetic support to help patients understand the illness and the treatment choices they may face.

This support includes our dedicated case management service, which provides reassurance and expert guidance and telephone based support with a single personal contact for each member.

Our approach to cancer care include –

  • Prompt cancer case management – immediate cancer case triage made during first contact is the start of our specific cancer case management process.
  • Empathetic support to ease worries and help give employees a better chance of quick recovery.
  • Our dedicated case management team offers a single point of contact with support from qualified and experienced medical personnel.
  • Proactive case management to plan an appropriate care package i.e. Personalized care from Specialist.
  • Expert monitoring of medical developments to ensure we keep pace with medical advances and cost effective treatments, to provide informed choice.
  • Supportive information for employees and families.

Additional benefits to our cancer care policy include –

  • Improved cover for cancer drugs.
  • Cover for external prosthesis i.e. limbs and wigs limited to those made locally.
  • A donation of two hundred naira a night will be made to a cancer related organization i.e. NGO whenever terminally ill patients are receiving hospital care (on admission).
  • Treatment options will include chemotherapy, radiotherapy & surgery.

*This cancer care policy is applicable to members on the Classic, Gold, Diamond & Platinum plans.