The Quality Improvement Management protocol of Fountain Healthcare Limited involves the analysis of performance and the systematic efforts to improve it.

This involves both prospective and retrospective reviews of our activities, aimed at measuring where we are, and figuring out ways of making things better. It specifically attempts to avoid attributing blame, and to create systems to prevent errors from happening.

Fountain Healthcare Limited Quality Improvement activities are helpful in improving how things work, trying to find where the “defect” in the system is, and figuring out new ways to do things can be challenging and fun.

It’s a great opportunity to “think outside the box”.

This protocol involves collecting, maintaining and monitoring of data which will assist in setting standards that will ensure the service provider network is able to manage members’ expectations of high quality and affordable healthcare.

This protocol includes:

  • Periodic recertification of provider This is a quality improvement initiative of Fountain Healthcare Ltd, which is carried out in order to ensure that the service providers in the network maintain and improve on the standards of their facility and medical equipment. Facilities are re-audited and credentialing is also updated.
  • Client Satisfaction Survey This is also done periodically in order to obtain feedback from our clients which assists in upgrading the Fountain Healthcare scheme.
  • Provider Satisfaction SurveyThis is done periodically in order to obtain feedback from the providers, and upgrade the network.
  • Provider Forum This is a periodic meeting between Fountain Healthcare Ltd and the service providers on the network were issues affecting/relating to the scheme are discussed.
  • Utilization Management Utilization management is a collaborative approach to providing and coordinating health care services. A Utilization Nurse will work with you, your family, physicians and other health care providers to ensure you or your family member receives all the necessary services to promote your health and oversee any illnesses or health conditions.